2017 YAMAHA YZ250F


Featuring an innovative reverse cylinder head engine, the groundbreaking Yamaha YZ250F has demonstrated it has got what it takes to outperform the toughest opposition.

The YZ250F benefits from a range of important technical changes that are aimed at delivering increased performance and enhanced rideability. With major enhancements to the intake and exhaust efficiency, together with a slicker shifting transmission and remapped ECU, the YZ250F engine delivers a significant increase in race-winning performance.

The YZ250F chassis has been balanced for frame rigidity, together with a lower centre of gravity and refined suspension. In addition, the YZ250F's top-mounted airbox and underseat fuel tank help to centralise mass for agile and responsive handling.

Off-Road Bike:2017 YAMAHA YZ250F
Odometre:0 kms
Gears:5 speed
Engine:4 stroke
Engine capacity:250 cc
Date listed:10 Nov 2017

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2017 YAMAHA YZ250F