2017 YAMAHA YZ450F


With its rearward-slanted cylinder and innovative reverse 4-valve cylinder head featuring a highly efficient front-facing inlet, this hugely capable motorcycle has reaffirmed its status as one of the most competitive motocross bikes at every level. Its ability to win 'straight from the crate' - combined with Yamaha's high levels of reliability and durability - has made the YZ450F the clear choice amongst many local, national and international racers.

Yamaha's engineers have focused on honing and refining the YZ450F in order to maintain its winning advantage - whilst at the same time delivering even higher levels of performance, controllability, feel and usability. Yamaha's MX development team persisted in thinking forward to introduce a wide range of engine and chassis changes to bring the YZ450F to the next level, with 4 key objectives:

- Achieving a smoother and easier engine character for enhanced controllability and usability without sacrificing power output

- More effective bump absorption, as well as improved controllability, traction and front grip feeling

- Improved braking power and controllability

- Faster race starts using an electronic Launch Control System

Off-Road Bike:2017 YAMAHA YZ450F
Gears:5 speed
Engine:4 stroke
Engine capacity:450 cc
Date listed:10 Nov 2017

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2017 YAMAHA YZ450F