Globally respected as one of the world’s premium brands Yamaha, has stood the test of time at every level.

A great brand like Yamaha knows that every single vehicle it produces must be fit for purpose, be technologically advanced and be a leader in its class.  It’s for these reasons that Burdekin Motorcycles has had a long and enduring relationship with Yamaha Australia.

Burdekin Motorcycles have one of the most comprehensive ranges of Yamaha Motorcycles, ROV/ATV, Watercraft and Golf Carts in Australia.

Yamaha Motorcycles
Yamaha has one of the most complete ranges of motorcycles on offer in Australia from;


  • Super Sport
  • Maximum Torque
  • Sport Heritage
  • Sport Touring
  • Scooter


  • Motocross
  • Enduro
  • Fun
  • Adventure
  • Agriculture


  • Fun ATV
  • Sport ATV
  • Sport ROV
  • Utility ROV 

Burdekin Motorcycles expands its capability with Yamaha Watercraft, with the same passion for quality, performance, durability and their watercraft range is ready to inspect.


  • Freestyle
  • Race Inspired
  • Luxury Performance
  • Recreational
  • Recreational Lite and more

For working on the farm or sinking a few putts, the Yamaha Golf Cart range is expansive. 

  • Electric
  • Petrol
  • Utility

Burdekin Motorcycles can supply Genuine Yamaha OEM Spare Parts over the counter, or if you choose to have the convenience of using the online OEM Spare Parts shop. 

The online store is set up so you can easily search your; Year, Make and Model of Yamaha motorcycle, select the parts section, look up the parts diagram, then order the exact part online.

For your servicing, performance upgrades, or maintenance of your Yamaha Motorcycle, Watercraft, or Golf Cart, book it in with our highly trained super techs.

Burdekin is a complete Yamaha destination. Whether it be on the land, sea, golf course or farm, Burdekin Motorcycles has the Yamaha vehicle for you.

To learn more or have your questions answered, reach out to us on (07) 4783 3773 or contact us or visit us instore.